Currently in Seattle, WA:

Family Stage


SATURDAY JULy 19th, 11am - 6pm

SUNDAY July 20th 12am-6pm

11:00 Mr Mario Show

Your host and emcee for the Jubilee Days 2014 will combine comedy, music, mime

and all sorts of wild and fun antics.

12:00 Ballet Folklorico Citlali

12:30 Deano

1:00 TaPo & Apatoerno Tahitian Dance Company

2:00 Cowgirls Dream

3:00 Parade

3:00 Onstage Louie Foxx

4:00 Deano

4:30 Parade Awards

5:00 Roving Reptiles

6:00 Louie Foxx

BT Rhythm

LarryDobson/Stilt Dancer

All Day Host & Emcee - MArio

12:00 Alley Oop

1:00 TaPo & Apatoeroau Tahitian Dance Company

2:00 Roving ReptileS

3:00 Mukana Marimba Band

4:00 Alley Oop

5:00 Duo Finelli

6:00 BT Rhythm &

The Mr. Mario Show


Stage Schedules Coming Sooon...

Stage Schedules Coming Sooon...

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