2018 unofficial offical mayoral candidates



Floyd Dog is a good boy. He's a little dorky, kind of yappy, super cute, and very cuddly. He would make a fantastic Unofficial Official Mayor of White Center - no grass would ever be un-sniffed, no post un-peed on, and he's very photogenic. Vote for Floyd!


CHristine "ginger menace" spencer
A staple of the White Center neighborhood, and current Unofficial Official Vice Mayor of White Center, Christine "Ginger Menace" Spencer is ready to be your Mayor for 2018! Ms. Spencer's accomplishments and demands are as follows:

- Christine is a vocal community instigator and she wants to see all y'all get involved with your community! 
- Christine is the Soup Czar of White Center, you can find her Mon-Thurs slinging bowls of delicious soup at the Triangle. She wants you to help feed people who need feeding (and eat more soup!). 
- Christine is the Town Singer - whether it's belting out a number at karaoke or keeping track of all the daily White Center news, she knows it and she shares it. She wants you to stay tuned and pay attention to what's going on in the neighborhood!

Christine will make an excellent mayor of White Center. If elected, she will tattoo the key onto her body so that no one can ever take it from her! Vote Christine!"

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